Loes Koring

Curriculum Vitae

Loes Koring
MIT Linguistics and Philosophy
77 Massachusetts Avenue 32-D966
Cambridge, MA 02139

Research Interests

Syntax; semantics; language acquisition; language processing; eye-tracking (Visual World Paradigm)

Academic Positions

2018Utrecht University
  Assistant Professor of English Linguistics, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication
2017Macquarie University
  Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Cognitive Science
2016 - presentMIT
  Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Linguistics & Philosophy
2014 – 2016Macquarie University
  Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Cognitive Science
2013 – 2014Utrecht University
 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication
Project: The syntax of idioms
(PIs: Norbert Corver, Jeroen van Craenenbroeck)
2012 – 2014Utrecht University
 Lecturer in Linguistics, Department of Language, Literature, and Communication


 Utrecht University
2013 Ph.D. in Linguistics, April 2013 (cum laude)
  Dissertation: Seemingly similar: Subjects and displacement in grammar, processing, and acquisition
Promotor: Eric Reuland (promotor), Pim Mak (co-promotor), Sergio Baauw (co-promotor)
2007   M.A. in Linguistics (cum laude)
    Thesis: The acquisition of raising verbs
2005   B.A. in Linguistics (cum laude)
    Thesis: Binding in Telugu and Hmar

Fellowships, Grants, Awards

 Macquarie University Strategic Infrastructure Scheme Grant
  • Future proofing Macquarie’s Speech Perception Laboratory, 2016. PI: Benders, T. Co-investigators: Demuth, K., Cox, F., Sharma, M., Tsukuda, K., Proctor, M., Szakay, A., Yuen, I., Xu, N., Schmidt, E., Koring, L., Ma, W., & Kung, C. –
  Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
  • Top Talent Graduate Research Fellowship, 2007 – 2012: “Development and Impairment to Phases” #021.001.087 – € 180,000
  Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa
  Utrecht University
  • Travel Grant, 2012 – €1,500
  • Utrecht University Grant for taking part in the Committee of Educational Policy, 2003-2005


 Journal Articles
In Press  Koring, Loes, Luisa Meroni, and Vincenzo Moscati. Strong and Weak Readings in the Domain of Worlds: A Negative Polar Modal and Children’s Scope Assignment. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.
2018  Koring, Loes, Pim Mak, Iris Mulders, and Eric Reuland.
Processing intransitive verbs: How do children differ from adults?
Language Learning and Development.
2017 Koring, Loes and Eric Reuland. What structural priming can and cannot reveal. Accepted for Bahavioral and Brain Sciences.
2017 Crain, Stephen, Loes Koring and Rosalind Thornton. Language Acquisition from a Biolinguistic Perspective. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews.
2015 Koring, Loes, and Hannah De Mulder.. Understanding different sources of information: the acquisition of evidentiality.
Journal of Child Language 42 (5), 947 – 968
2012 Koring, Loes. Don’t shoot the messenger: How subjectivity affects distributional properties. Lingua 122 (8), 874 – 890.
2012 Koring, Loes, Pim Mak, and Eric Reuland. The time course of argument reactivation revealed: Using the visual world paradigm. Cognition 123 (3), 361-379.
 Proceedings Papers
2014  Koring, Loes, Pim Mak, and Eric Reuland. Children’s Representation of Unaccusatives. In: W. Orman and M.J. Valleau (eds.). Proceedings of 38th Boston University Conference on Language Development 38 (BUCLD): 240 – 252.
2009  Koring, Loes and Ken Wexler. Children’s Late Acquisition of Dutch Raising-Verbs. In: Y. Otsu (Ed.). The Proceedings of the Tenth Tokyo Conference of Psycholinguistics.
Hituzi Syobo Publishing, Tokyo: 143-166.
 Book Chapters
2015  Reuland, Eric, Loes Koring and Pim Mak. Issues in interpretation: From structure to process. In Е. И. Риехакайнен & Н. А. Слепокурова (Eds.), К 150-ЛЕТИЮ КАФЕДРЫ ОБЩЕГО ЯЗЫКОЗНАНИЯ САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГСКОГО ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО УНИВЕРСИТЕТА - Cборник статей (pp. 224-237). St Petersburg: Филологический факультет СПбГУ.
2009  Koring, Loes. Binding in Down's Syndrome. In: Coopmans P., Everaert M., Marelj M. (red.) Promoting Systems Interface. Utrecht: Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS.

Talks (from 2014)

 Invited talks
2017  The effect of structural position on argument-verb integration. Presented at the Experimantal Syntax and Heritage Languages Research Unit, Humboldt University, Berlin.
2017  Looking for structure in strings. Presented at the Acquisition Lab Meeting, University of Connecticut, Storrs.
2016  Processing reflexes of underlying structure.
Presented at the Language and Cognition Seminar, Harvard, Cambridge.
2016  Workshop on the Visual World Paradigm.
Presented at the Phonetics Meeting, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University.
2014  A visual signature of computation.
Presented at Ling-Lunch, MIT, Boston, USA.
2014  The semantics and acquisition of non-embedding reportatives.
Presented at the Syntax-Semantics Reading Group (LFRG), MIT, Boston, USA.
2014  Evidentials and their embeddability. Presented at the workshop on ‘What
Happened to Principles and Parameters?’, Arezzo, Italy
  Conference Presentations
2018  Verbs come with arguments: An argument from the language-acquiring child. Paper presented at Argument Structure Across Modalities (ASAM), Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (with Rosalind Thornton).
2018  Processing Questions. Paper presented at De Grote Taaldag, Utrecht, The Netherlands. (with Hans van de Koot).
2017  A good enough representation is not good enough. Paper presented at the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference (EPC), Menorca, Spain.
2017  Roots inform (children about) syntactic projection. Poster presented at the Roots V workshop, London, UK (with Rosalind Thornton).
2016  How many ways are there to process a sentence?. Paper presented at the workshop ‘Developmental perspectives on language processing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
2015  Who is the agent when it is left implicit? Paper presented at the 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA 12), Nantes, France (with Nina Sangers and Ken Wexler).
2015  Interfering causes in acquisition.  Paper presented at the 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA 12), Nantes, France (with Pim Mak, Iris Mulders, and Eric Reuland).
2015  Children’s different way of forming a passive. Paper presented at the 48th meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE), Leiden, The Netherlands (with Nina Sangers and Ken Wexler).
2015  Definiteness as a trigger of idiomaticity. Paper presented at the 13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (ICLC), Newcastle, UK.
2014  Verb type determines when the subject is reactivated: Evidence from eye movements. Paper presented at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders Annual Workshop, Macquarie University, Sydney.


 Courses as Instructor
Spring 2017  More Advanced Syntax (24.955) (with Sabine Iatridou), MIT.
Spring 2017  Language Acquisition (24.904), MIT.
Fall 2016  Language Acquisition (24.949), MIT.
September 2015  Seminar on Universal Grammar (with Stephen Crain and Rosalind Thornton), Macquarie University.
February 2015  Seminar on Eye-Tracking (with Martin Hackl and Leo Rosenstein), 1-week hands-on mini course for graduate students, MIT.
Spring 2015  Lectures on the Foundations of Syntax (with Michael Iverson), Series of lectures for graduate students, Macquarie University.
Fall 2013  De Toren van Babel, Introduction to linguistics (BA), Utrecht University (with Joost Zwarts and Jacomine Nortier).
Fall 2013  Taal, mens en maatschappij, Introduction to linguistics (BA), Utrecht University.
Spring 2013  Perspectieven op de Taalwetenschap, Perspectives on linguistics (advanced BA course in linguistics) (with Martin Everaert), Utrecht University.
Spring 2013  Inleiding ATW, Introduction to Linguistics (BA) (with Marijana
Marelj and Sander van der Harst), Utrecht University.
Fall 2012  Perspectieven op de Taalwetenschap, Perspectives on linguistics (advanced BA course in linguistics) (with Martin Everaert), Utrecht University.
Fall 2012  Inleiding ATW, Introduction to Linguistics (BA) (with Marijana Marelj and Sander van der Harst), Utrecht University.
Fall 2012  Basiscursus Taalkundig Onderzoek, BA course on experimental methods in linguistic research (with Shalom Zuckerman), Utrecht University.
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